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Hooked on Recycling


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Our list of recyclers is currently being updated. If you wish to participate or update your details, please contact us.


Here is the list of restaurants, bars and pubs that recycle their bottle caps.

Cafe Bla Bla (Sherbrooke)

Le Buffet des Continent (Sherbrooke)

Da Toni (Sherbrooke)

Lion's Pub (Lennoxville)

Liverpool (Sherbrooke)

La Cage au Sport ( Sherbrooke)

East Side Mario's ( Sherbrooke)

Au Cafe du Palais ( Sherbrooke)

Kokonut Kove ( Calgary)

Woody's Taphouse (Calgary)

Groups and individuals

Carole Compagnat

Groupe Uni-vert (Universite de Sherbrooke)

France Gauthier

Groupe Genie-Vert (Universite de Sherbrooke)

Fredrick Moore

William (Bill) Tait (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Brenda Imbeault

The Music Fest (Ayer's Cliff)

Alfred Moore

Vicky Robidas

Jean-Francois Tossel

Christopher Buzzell

Christopher Columbus Charter School (Philadelphia, U.S.A)

Wolf Pack 3415 (Middleburg, U.S.A)

Nicole Aldeo Francis

Jonathan Gauthier

Stephane Cote ( Bronco Billy's Magog)

Chris Alie

Rebecca Stevens

Catherine Lopez-Alas

Marcel Sevigny

We are currently seeking individuals, groups, bottle depots, bars and restaurants in Calgary willing to participate in this new environmental awareness program.

Become environmentally involved today! Recycle your bottle caps.

Beer or soft drink companies:

These are the companies that either ordered product from us or supported our recycling program.

Pittsburg Brewing Co.


Become Hooked on Recycling with this new environmental awareness. Recycle your bottle caps and contact us.