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Hooked on Recycling

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Recycling is here to stay....

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Americans will buy, use, and throw away 1,245 tons of raw materials.

What you should know:

Americans throw away 40,000 plastic bottles and 50,000 plastic bags every minute.

For every soda can you recycle, you'll prevent 1 pound of carbon dioxide from being emitted. If you recycle your newspaper every day, you'll prevent 100 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted each year.

By throwing away just two aluminium cans instead of recycling them, you waste more energy than a person living in a third world country uses in an entire day.

With all the steel and tin cans Americans use in one day, you could build a steel pipe from Los Angeles to New York and back.

Climate Results:

If 100,000 people who didn't recycle started recycling, they would collectively prevent 42,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted each year.

note:It takes 95 percent less energy to manufacture a can out of recycled aluminium than it does to make it out its raw material bauxite ore.